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Teacher Eligibility Test - English Question Answer -2

Choose the suitable collective nouns
* A---------------- of birds flew high on the sky
(a) group (b) Feather (c) number (d) flight
* We saw a --------------- of sheep on our way home
(a) Flock  (b)flight (c) fleet (d) herd
* The---------------of pupils are listening attentively to the teacher.
(a) School (b) unit  (c) club (d) class
* Police have arrested a ---------------- of thieves.
(a) Gang (b) gathering (c) crowd (d) group
Form abstract nouns selecting from the alternatives below:
* Brother

(a) brotherhood (b) brothership (c) brotherdom (d) brotherly
* Know
(a) Knownly  (b) knownship (c) knowledge (d) Known
* Man
(a) Manhood (b) Menhood (c) Manly (d) men
Select the correct Pronouns from the following:
* Every bird returns to -------------- nest in the evening
(a) its (b) theirs (c) his (d) her
* A doctor does ------------- best to save a patient's life.
(a) his (b) him (c) your (d) my
Select suitable conjunctions from the following:
* That way years -------------years ago
(a) unless (b) and (c) when (d) or
* She has not called -------------- she left last week
(a) so (b)  since (d) but (d) or
Choose appropriate adverbs from the following
* He told us ------------ not to walk on the grass.
(a) yesterday (b) outside (c) angrily (d) never
* I am not strong ----------- to help him carry that box.
(a) Enough (b) Often (c) Quickly (d) rarely
suitable preposition
* --------------  the man stood the child.
(a) Along (b) Beneath (c) Beside (d) Between
* The car dashed ----------the bus
(a) aganist (b) on (c) with (d) in
* listen ----------- what he says.
(a) by (b) on (c) for (d) to
* The work must be finished -------------- the end of the week.
(a) by  (b) on (c) over (d) in
suitable Article
* She is ---an--- LIC agent
* He is ---------member of our club.
(a) an (b) a  (c) some (d) the
* This is ------------- pen which i lost last week.
(a) a (b) the (c) some (d) an
* I saw -------------- one-eyed man.
(a) a (b) the (c) some (d) an
correct homophone
* -----Rein ----- controls the horse
* Mumbai is a ---------- city.
(a) populist (b) populate (c) populous (d) populace
* I have lost my ---------
(a) diary (b) dairy (c) darn (d) damp
* The teacher writes on the -------
(a) beard  (b) bird  (c) board  (d) bored
* Mr.Dayaa is the--------- of the college.
(a) Principal (b) Principle (c) Principality (d) Princely
Slect the correct plural form for the given word:
Brush - Brushes
Mouse  -  Mice
country -  countries
woman  - women]
child  - childrent
suitable phrase
* When the minister arrived, the rain ----had stopped----
Choose the superlative degree for
* Very few cities are as big as Chennai.
Chennai is one of the biggest cities in India
* A hundred years century
* A place where grain is stored granary
* A man who has never been married bachelor
* A group of stars Constellation
* what does 'TV' mean? - television
Sutitable Tense
* I had seen him ealier 
(a) Past perfect  (b) present perfect (c) Future Perfect (d) Simple present
* She had Played carom
(a) Past perfect  (b) present perfect (c) Future Perfect (d) Simple present
* Udhaya bharathi had been working in a bank for some years.
(a) past perfect continuous  (b) past perfect  (c) Past continuous (d) Simple past
Sutitable Gerund:
* He is hard of -------------
(a) to be hearing  (b) hear (c) hearing  (d) none of these.
* I am interested ----------
(a) to swim  (b) in swim (c) in swimming (d) for swimming
* They locked the door before -----------out.
(a) went  (b) going (c) gone (d) to go
Sutitable Infinitive:
* --------------- is to improve the body.
(a) to run (b) to be running (c) to ran (d) to running
* ---------------false evidence is a sin.
(a) to give (b) giving  (c) to be give (d) to be given

suitable Question tag.
* He seldom comes here --does he----?

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