Monday, 12 February 2018

True Lovable Soul Part - 2

With tears in his eyes and love in his heart, he replied ok and left.
After she said no he left . on this way back to home he got a message from her asking him to wait for another two hours. He made a u-turn and thinking about the days when she asked him to gift a watch  He went to the nearby mall and brought her a watch . With watch and flowers in his hands he waited for three hours just like how he uses to wait in front of his house when he was a kid for an ice cream guy to come.
Looking at his sadness flowers murmured each other about how rude she is and the clouds started raining to hide his tears. With a small hope he waited for another hour and then he sent her a message that he is leaving. After few minutes he got a message from her.

(To be continued ….)

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